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6" x 9" Postcards

Nestled behind stamp and coin collecting, postcard collecting, or deltiology, has been a popular hobby since the postage stamp was invented in 1840. The origination of the postcard was a mere 20’ish years later when the first private postcard was used. Perhaps you, too, can make a postcard that lands its way into the galleries of postcard museums with its excellent design.

Want to plug your message straight into your client’s brain? Send them a 6”x9” printed postcard with a handwritten message on it. With a simple message, they can get the point of your communication in a single viewing without having to think about opening the envelope to get to the message inside. Postcards are a great way for your customers to get an instant fix of your brand.

Custom design team - If you’re not familiar with great postcard design, just call on our design team to get the job done. The custom printing design team adheres to a set of best practices, practices which emphasize effectiveness and ROI from the cards you send. The best part about our custom design team is that their expertise is free with every print order.

When you’re designing your postcard, keep the options available to you in the back of your mind. These options will transform a ‘meh’ card into something dynamic and special for your readers. That little bit of gold flair might be just the thing to turn someone who’s merely interested in your company into a full-fledged brand evangelist.

What is available for printing postcards at the 6” x 9” size?

❖     Die cutting - Unique catches people’s attention. By cutting unique shapes into your postcards, you’re increasing your chances of being noticed with your marketing collateral. Maybe you want to have part of the card ‘bitten’ if you’re a food company? Something cool like a few well-placed holes in the card itself? We can do it here at PrintSage.

❖     Glossy or matte cardstock - The finishes that you choose for your 6” x 9” postcard printing make the difference, depending on the point that you want to make with your clients. Glossy paper is usually considered to be a little more upscale, but matte cardstock has a definite appeal to many and it is easier to write on. Most postcards are glossy on one side and matte on the other.

❖     Full Color (using CMYK or PMS colors) - You’re thinking about a psychedelic design that advertises your latest discount? We can do it. Maybe you have something simple and bold (something we recommend) that immediately gets the point across? That’s available to you as well. Another feature is available to you when you use PMS colors, too.

❖     Metallic Ink - Using PMS colors allows you the use of metallic inks for your postcards. These inks, whether red, blue, green, gold, or silver, give your cards that extra sparkle. Usually not suitable for the smaller sizes, these work wells for those brands which have holiday sales.

Take your 6 x 9 postcards to the next level with PrintSage

The options above were only a taste of the printing solutions that PrintSage has for 6x9 printed postcards. We have all types of coatings which you can use to get the effects you need to make that perfect first impression. We also have:

❖     Free next-day shipping

❖     Dynamite quality assurance team

❖     Custom satisfaction guarantee

Just start clicking on the options to get an idea of the pricing. For custom orders, give us a call. If the line is busy, please keep calling.


You have no items in your shopping cart.