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    Table Tents

  • 4.25" x 5.5" Table Tents
    • Standard 4.25" x 5.5" Size
    • Stock: 80 lb Card Stock as well as 100 lb Card Stock available
    • Full Color CMYK/PMS Printing Process with Pantone Matching System
    • Custom Graphic Designing (Free with Every Printing Order)
    • Free Shipping & Handling
    • Quality and Custom Satisfaction
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  • 2.8" x 11" Table Tents
    • Standard 2.8" x 11" size
    • Stock: 80 lb Card Stock as well as 100 lb Card Stock available
    • Full Color CMYK/PMS Printing Process with Pantone Matching System
    • Custom Graphic Designing (Free with Every Printing Order)
    • Free Shipping & Handling
    • Quality and Custom Satisfaction
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Table Tent Printing

You might not know what a table tent is by name, but we’re sure you’ve seen one in a restaurant. A table tent is a small stand-up advertisement that you usually see in the restaurant industry for advertising specials. However, they have many more uses than that.

Table tents are an economical and attractive way to spread a marketing message and promote your business. They are also great for special occasions. Our large-size table tents are perfect for printing out names to identify people at business events, assign seating at weddings and corporate events, or to help people find registration lines. These are just a few of the uses for these advertisements.

Styles of table tent printing

There are three main designs that are used for table tent printing: the a-frame, the standing triangle, and the pyramid.

A-frame: This is the type most seen in restaurants. Pictures are visible on two sides while the bottom folds under and locks to form a base. This is the most common type.

Standing Triangle: This is a tall three-sided variety of table tent that is often used for informational displays.

Pyramid: This one is in the shape of a three-sided pyramid. It is an eye-catching design, but designing images for this type of table tent printing can be tricky.

Sizes and colors

We offer two standard sizes for our printed table tents: 2.8''x11'' and 4.25''x5.5''. If you need a template, please let us know the size and the style you want and we can generate one for most desktop publishing packages.

Most table tents are printed using full color printing due to their photo content. It can be hard to read black and white text on vertical or angled surfaces without holding it like a book. Thus, color is used to differentiate sections of the table tent to aid in reading. Nevertheless, we can print table tents in black and white for things like name placements.


Our usual minimum print run for table tents is 100. We can print up to a 1000 using our website. If you need a larger or smaller order please contact our offices and we will quote you a price.

Finishing options for your table tent printing

We have a wide variety of finishing options for your table tents. Most table tents are printed using glossy paper to catch attention, but we can also add embossing and die cuts, personalized themes, and foil stamping. If you need these special features, please send us an email along with your files so we can help you with your design.

Using your printed table tents

Table tents can provide a unique form of marketing for your business. Here’s how you can use them to best effect.

Promote expensive items

In advertising, table tents should be used to promote high-margin items. Alcoholic beverages and fancy desserts are common images for table tents for this reason. The people sitting at a table are already going to purchase something, so make sure you tempt your captive audience with something that earns you a lot of money, not your cheapest items.

In fact, table tent viewers are among the most captive of audiences. The average time at a table in a restaurant is 52 minutes. That’s a long time to have an ad sitting right there! We’ve probably all been tempted by a dessert offering on a table tent, teasing us for the entire meal until we just can’t stand it. Take advantage of this by creating a high-quality ad that draws the eye again and again.

Quality images over text

Your image must have a very high quality. This isn’t important just for selling the item but for also putting forth an appearance of quality for your event or business. The restaurant industry has set a very high bar for how table tents need to look. If it looks shoddy, you won’t land the sale.

Photos beat text-only table tents every time, especially since table tents are now competing with smartphones for attention at the table. That said, you should have some text with your photos just so the customer can receive a call to action. It’s not enough just to gawk at the dessert; tell them to buy it!

Many bars make the mistake of using a table tent to list out the specials for each day. While useful, this doesn’t grab attention once the initial information is understood. But a picture of a tasty drink or dessert will tempt them throughout the meal. Get a professional photographer and snap some shots. These will serve as an excellent basis for your table tent printing.

Make your text clear, especially for seating

If you are using table tents for seating or event promotion, make the image as clear as possible. Fancier isn’t always better when you’re trying to read a table tent. For instance, if you’re doing seating, make the name large and easy to read. Maybe a small icon can be used to make it fancy, such as the logo of your business, but the name should be at the forefront.

For advertisements, the text needs to contrast with the photo so it can be readable, but the photo should be the key. Sometimes the name of the item and the price is all you need.

Placement is key for retail

For a retail shop, place table tents on your sale counters and on top of clothing racks for maximum visibility. Remember to use them to promote high-profit items. Financing advertisements are a common use for table tents. Stick a few in your electronics section and watch the sales go up. They are also great for advertising sales throughout a store.

If you need assistance creating your table tents, our print experts are ready to help you. Try using our printing request form by clicking on the type of table tent you want above and follow the instructions. If you need further assistance, email or call our offices with your specifications and we’ll be glad to help you get set up. We also offer templates should you need them for whatever form of table tent you desire.

Don’t miss out on this important form of advertising. Call today.



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