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5" x 8" Postcards

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Quick Overview

  • Sizes: 5" x 8" , 8" x 5"

  • Premium 12 pt. Gloss Card Stock / 100 lb Cover Card Stock

  • Glossy as well as Matte Lamination available

  • Full Color CMYK/PMS Printing Process with Pantone Matching System

  • Custom Graphic Designing (Free with Every Printing Order)

  • Free Shipping & Handling

  • Quality and Custom Satisfaction Guarantee

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5" x 8" Postcards

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Put your marketing message on 5x8” printed postcards and save time, paper, and money on your next campaign. Postcards are just easy to use to get the word out their format compels reading. We want to make sure that your postcards reach maximum effectiveness. To that end, we’ve collected some best practices for postcard designing.

  1. Keep it simple - You have very little time to get the word out about your product or service, so you want to get to the crux of your offer as soon as possible. Your clients don’t want to read a dissertation, they want to know whether they’re getting 20% off of their next order.
  2. Be clear with your offer - If you’ve got an offer for your products in mind, make it as clear as day. This goes back to the first tip of keeping it simple. If your customers aren’t able to understand what you’re offering, they won’t buy.
  3. Tell them what to do - Not only do you need to make sure that your offer is clear, give your clients on what to do with that information. Call now, come to the party, or another invitation will do the trick.
  4. Be bold - You’ve got only a few moments to make the impression that you want to make By being bold with your colors, your message, and your ideas, you can rip through all of the mental clutter and pipe your message straight into your client’s brain.
  5. Proof *everything* - When you’re done with the design of your printed postcards, proof it. Then give it to a friend who’s never seen it to proof it again. You want to make sure that there are no silly typos that can take away from the impact of printing 100 postcards.

Postcard printing, like clothes design, has two facets to it: design and material. Let’s talk a little bit about the material and extras that you can have for your printed cards.

12 pt cardstock / 100 lb cover stock - This medium thickness cardstock can easily withstand the rough and tumble treatment that your card will receive from the postal service. We do have colored paper stocks available for your printing. If you’re not fond of printing on white glossy card stock, give us a call for more custom options.

Spray-on Gloss - If you choose something other than naturally glossy paper, or if your paper is glossy on one side and not on the other, we do offer spray on gloss to give your paper that natural shine. We can coat the whole page, or, if you so choose, make specific areas glossy on your printed postcards.

Full CMYK and PMS color palettes - CMYK color blends cyan, magenta, yellow, and black together to make all of the colors of the rainbow. This type of printing is excellent for printing photo postcards. The PMS color palette is primarily used for spot color applications, for those who choose to use limited color on their postcards.

Metallic Inks - For those who want to get that metallic feel in their printing, the metallic inks are an option available by using the PMS colors. Metallic red, blue, green, gold, silver, and bronze are available. These options are normally used in larger swaths of color, as in huge block letters or similar applications.

Foil Stamping - Want to get the metallic feel to your printing, but only on specific letters or designs? Get that little flair with metallic foil stamping and emphasize your name, logo, or design with gold, silver, and several other colors. If you’re unsure about the colors, give us a call.

These are a smattering of the features that PrintSage offers for our 5x8” postcards. If you need something that you don’t see here, like die cutting, embossing, or custom mailing services, give our customer service department a call.

With every order, you also receive our top-notch postcard design team at your disposal. They will help you create the perfect design for your postcard printing. Best of all, the use of our team is free with every printing order.

When you order from PrintSage, you get:

  • Free next-day shipping
  • Attention to detail
  • Superior customer service
  • Custom satisfaction guarantee (We’ll make it right for you! 

Why hesitate? Get your order started now! 



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